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We believe patients everywhere deserve access to the most advanced medical imaging technologies.

Scans can catch diseases early, improve treatment and reduce costs. But for many patients across the country, these scans aren’t accessible or affordable.

As Congress works to develop new laws, it’s important that we help them understand the vital role of imaging in today’s health care system and make decisions that benefit patients. We promote the adoption of policies that focus on imaging quality and appropriateness to help ensure patients have access to the scans they need.

The Access to Medical Imaging Coalition represents those who develop imaging technologies, those who apply them and those who benefit from them.

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Erika Hanson Brown

Erika Hanson Brown, Colorado

When Erika Hanson Brown was going through colon cancer eight years ago, she often felt alone in navigating her treatment and staying connected with others, especially locally in Denver where she lives. » Read more

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Right Scan Right Time Newsletter: February Spotlight

New Study Shows That Imaging Use Declines

New data from the Moran Company released by the Access to Medical Imaging Coalition earlier this month shows that imaging service delivery declined in 2009 by 7.1 percent overall and that that the volume of advanced imaging services has decreased by .1 percent. » Read more

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  • 03.27.18

    AMIC Responds to Misrepresentation of U.S. Medical Imaging Services in JAMA Study

    Washington, D.C. – The Access to Medical Imaging Coalition (AMIC) today said that a new study published in the March issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association does not accurately portray the state of medical imaging in the United States, as it focuses narrowly on the commercial market.

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  • 03.6.18

    AMIC Applauds Anthem for Addressing Provider Feedback in Change to Reimbursement Policy

    Washington, D.C. – The Access to Medical Imaging Coalition (AMIC) today applauded Anthem for deciding not to proceed with its reimbursement policy relating to physician use of payment modifier 25 following feedback from several medical societies. In light of the decision, AMIC encouraged Anthem to revisit its additional policies that adversely impact providers. Specifically, AMIC expressed concern with Anthem’s policies related to outpatient imaging and emergency department use, which would jeopardize patient care.

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