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  • October 2002

    Benefits of Imaging in Appendectomy

    Journal of Radiology | Sandra E. Bendeck et al.


    Imaging for Suspected Appendicitis: Negative Appendectomy and
    Perforation Rates


    Sandra E. Bendeck, MD; Matilde Nino-Murcia, MD; Gerald J. Berry, MD; R. Brooke Jeffrey, Jr, MD


    Radiology, 2002


    The purpose of this study was to determine which patients suspected of having acute appendicitis benefit from preoperative imaging. The medical records of 462 consecutive patients who underwent appendectomy for clinically suspected acute appendicitis and underwent preoperative evaluation at our institution were retrospectively reviewed.

    In women, the negative appendectomy rate was significantly lower for those who underwent preoperative CT, 7% as compared with 28% [nine of 32 patients] for those who underwent no preoperative imaging. The negative appendectomy rates for girls, men, and boys were not significantly affected by preoperative imaging. The sensitivity of CT and US for diagnosing acute appendicitis exceeded 93% and 77%, respectively, in all groups. The positive predictive values for both CT and US were greater than 92% in all groups.

    Researchers concluded that women suspected of having appendicitis benefit the most from preoperative CT or US, with a statistically significantly lower negative appendectomy rate than women who undergo no preoperative imaging. Therefore, Bendeck et al, “Propose that preoperative imaging be considered part of the routine evaluation of women suspected of having acute appendicitis.”

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