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  • June 2007

    Benefits of CT in Reproductive-Age Women with Abdominal Pain

    The American Surgeon | Bryan C. Morse et al.


    Abdominal CT Scanning in Reproductive-Age Women with Right Lower Quadrant Abdominal Pain: Does Its Use Reduce Negative Appendectomy Rates and Healthcare Costs?


    The American Surgeon, Volume 73, Number 6, June 2007


    Morse, Bryan C.; Roettger, Richard H.; Kalbaugh, Corey A,; Blackhurst, Dawn W.; Hines, William B.


    With 250,000 surgeries per year, acute appendicitis is the most common indication for emergency abdominal surgery in the United States. It’s also one of the most difficult to diagnose. Historically 15-25% of appendectomy patients have undergone unnecessary surgery, with that percentage reaching as high as 45% for women. Research published in The American Surgeon examined the diagnostic accuracy and cost impact of CT scanning by reviewing the cases of 439 reproductive-age women, a particularly difficult group to diagnose.

    Researchers ultimately found that the use of abdominal CT scanning on reproductive-age women suspected of having appendicitis resulted in a 60% decrease in the rate of unnecessary surgeries, as well as an average net per-patient savings of $1,412.

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