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  • April 2009

    Breast Cancer Risk Assesment and MRI

    The Lancet Oncology | Norman Boyd et al.


    Breast-tissue Composition and Other Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in Young Women: A Cross-Sectional Study


    Prof Norman Boyd MD; Lisa Martin PhD; Sofia Chavez PhD; Anoma Gunasekara PhD; Ayesha Salleh MSc; Olga Melnichouk MSc; Prof Martin Yaffe PhD; Prof Christine Friedenreich PhD; Salomon Minkin PhD; Prof Michael Bronskill PhD


    The Lancet Oncology, April 2009


    Mammographic density is known to be a significant risk-factor in the development of breast cancer among middle-aged women, but little is known about its development early in life. In this cross-sectional study, researchers used MRI to measure breast water percentage, which is a proxy of breast density, in 400 mother-daughter pairs. Findings indicated there is a strong correlation between breast water percentage and mammographic density. Additionally, it was found that breast water percentage decreases with age. By linking these two findings, this study suggests that using radiation-free assessment techniques like MRI earlier in life may give a more accurate risk assessment of breast cancer with better chance of prevention.

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