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  • Kelly Stewart, Texas

    Kelly Stewart“Breast MRI has saved my life.”

    Due to a history of breast cysts, Kelly Stewart knew that regular breast screenings were very important for her. In March 2009, Kelly noticed a lump in her breast – and this one seemed different. A mammogram led to a biopsy which confirmed her diagnosis: she had breast cancer. Still she felt something wasn’t quite right and spoke to her doctor about getting a breast MRI to gain an even better understanding of her condition.

    The breast MRI revealed an enlarged intramammary lymph node which was determined to be cancerous, thus dramatically altering her course of treatment. Without that breast MRI, Kelly’s cancerous lymph node would have gone undiagnosed. Kelly, her three children and husband of thirty years credit that MRI – and the picture it revealed – with saving her life.

    MRI has been shown to detect significantly more invasive, as well as preinvasive cancers, than mammography or ultrasound. Learn more about the research behind breast MRI here.

    Kelly’s story is just one of the many survivor stories made possible through breast MRI technology. Read another survivor’s story here.

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