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  • Anita Mitchell, Washington

    Mitchell “Preventative care, especially medical imaging, is vital in continuing to make advancements in the fight against colon cancer.”

    Anita Mitchell, a 40 year-old mother of three, sought the care of her primary doctor after noticing symptoms of colon cancer — yet she wasn’t screened for the disease. She was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer four months later.

    Medical imaging has proven key to the successful treatment of her colon cancer – today Anita can say that she is a survivor. Had Anita been screened for colon cancer at the onset of her symptoms, her treatment would likely have been less grueling and less expensive. Since her treatment in 2005, she has actively advocated in Washington State for increased access and funding for colon cancer screenings, including virtual colonoscopies. As she says, “Patients do not need more barriers to early detection.” Today Anita remains active with the Colon Cancer Alliance, ensuring that residents across Washington and the U.S. have access to the diagnostic medical imaging which proved so crucial to her survivorship.

    Computed tomography colonography (CTC), also known as virtual colonoscopy, has been demonstrated to be a highly effective and cost-effective test for colon cancer screening. Learn more here.

    Although currently not covered by Medicare, virtual colonoscopy has been demonstrated to increase screening rates for those at the highest risk of colon cancer when it is offered as a screening option. Read more here.

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