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  • Candace Henley, Illinois


    “All patients deserve convenient access to modern health care. The health needs of marginalized populations should not and need not be sacrificed.”

    Called “Super Woman” by those who know her best, Candace Henley led a demanding life before she was diagnosed with Stage IIB colon cancer in 2003. A mother to five daughters who held down a stressful blue-collar job as a Chicago bus driver, Candace soon learned that dealing with colon cancer would be her toughest challenge yet.

    For Candace, medical imaging was and continues to be lifesaving because it accurately guided her treatment and now makes sure it doesn’t come back. But like many patients with cancer and other chronic diseases, the costs of treatment began to weigh financially, psychologically and physically on Candace and her caregivers when she switched from having private insurance to Medicaid. At a time when money should be the least of concerns, Candace was denied access to the very treatments that were keeping her alive.

    This June, Candace celebrates seven years of survivorship. Today she advocates for increased access to medical imaging for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries so that no patient or caregiver has to worry that they may not get his or her next scan because they don’t have private insurance, a proven vital tool in preventative care, efficient treatment and monitoring of disease.

    Candace wants cancer patients to remember that cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence; instead, it can be a tool to learn how to appreciate life and live it to the fullest.

    Computed tomography colonography (CTC), also known as virtual colonoscopy, has been demonstrated to be a highly effective and cost-effective test for colon cancer screening. Learn more here.

    Widespread adoption of virtual colonoscopy as a cancer screening tool could save many lives by drastically increasing screenings among those at the highest risk for the disease. Learn more here.

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