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  • Dr. Jean Olsen, Arkansas

    olsen“I now play tennis, walk 5 miles each weekday and am enjoying my family, friends, activities and every precious day thanks to a MRI.”

    Although Jean’s annual mammogram and an ultrasound showed nothing significant, Jean knew that her breasts had changed consistency and feared breast cancer. A breast MRI from Dr. Steven Harms of The Breast Center of Northwest Arkansas immediately identified cancer in both breasts and her lymph glands. Shortly after her diagnosis, Jean underwent surgery and oncology treatment and is now cancer free. Jean is retired and enjoys playing tennis, walking 5 miles each weekday and spending time with her family and friends enjoy every precious day — all thanks to that life-saving MRI.

    MRI has been shown to detect significantly more invasive, as well as preinvasive cancers, than mammography and ultrasound. Learn more here.

    Jean is just one of the many women whose lives have been impacted by breast MRI technology. Read another survivor’s story here.

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