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  • Phillip Sitsis, Pennsylvania

    Phillip Sitsis “The latest imaging technology diagnosed my condition accurately and prevented unnecessary procedures, lengthier hospital stays, and possible additional future surgery.”

    Phillip Sitsis, a radiology consultant in Southeast Pennsylvania, was born with a heart condition that necessitated an aortic valve replacement nine years ago. When the valve became infected, Phillip was notified that immediate emergency surgery was required. Fortunately, the power of medical imaging allowed for a more precise diagnosis: The image revealed that the infection hadn’t progressed far enough to force immediate surgery. Antibiotics could control it while doctors determined the best course of treatment.

    Prior to open heart surgery, doctors often perform a lengthy and invasive procedure known as catheterization to rule out heart disease. This procedure requires an additional day of hospital care. In Phillip’s case, a noninvasive 64-slice CT scan was used to rule out heart disease and allowed doctors to see a precise image of his heart – and Phillip was able to spend more time at home with his family. In addition to ruling out heart disease, the 64-slice scan also revealed a dilated aortic valve that could be addressed during his valve replacement thus preventing the need for additional future surgery.

    The surgery was performed with 100% success. Today Phillip, who is happily married with three children, is enjoying a healthy life.

    Learn more about the use of computed tomography (CT) technology for ruling out heart disease here.

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