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  • Robin Guadagnini, Arkansas

    guadagnini“I believe whole-heartedly in the value of medical imaging because without it, I would not be here today. There are millions of stories like mine across the country.”

    Robin Guadagnini was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41. Because she was vigilant about the need for routine breast screening, her cancer was diagnosed at a very early stage and she did not have to undergo chemotherapy. Breast MRI technology enabled Robin’s doctors to optimize her treatment and her life was virtually uninterrupted; she was even able to continue working full time.

    Robin is now enjoying the life of a newlywed, continues to work and advocates for patient access to the right scan at the right time. Watch Robin speak about proposed cuts to Medicare reimbursements for medical imaging procedures like breast MRI here.

    Breast MRI has been shown to enhance the surgical management of newly diagnosed breast cancers. Learn more here.

    Robin is just one of the many women whose lives have been impacted by breast MRI technology. Read another survivor’s story here.

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