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  • Rosemarie Blair, Delaware

    Rosemarie BlairRosemarie Blair was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and had major surgery as a result. The prognosis for renal carcinoma, the type of cancer that was growing in her kidney, is often extremely poor and while this news has turned her life upside down, Rosemarie’s resilience and courage has proved stronger than even this devastating diagnosis.

    Rosemarie, 60, a mother of three children and legal assistant in Delaware, is lucky. She had a virtual colonoscopy and her physician was able to detect polyps inside her colon early enough to prevent colon cancer and additionally, the tumor in her kidney early enough to save her life. Without this screening, her kidney cancer would likely not have been detected until it was too late. Rosemarie is a strong proponent of virtual colonoscopy because she doesn’t want to see anyone die needlessly because they didn’t get the necessary screening. And thanks to virtual colonoscopy, she is now cancer free.

    When used as a screening method, virtual colonoscopies (VC) can be half the total cost of a standard colonoscopy and can also make colon cancer screenings more accessible with reduced risks for some patients. Studies have shown that virtual colonoscopy detects about 96% of invasive colorectal cancer and has similar sensitivity to optical colonoscopy for large polyps.

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