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  • Vanessa Ghigliotty, New York

    Vanessa Ghigliotty, New York City“Everyone should have access to medical imaging at the onset of symptoms so that diseases are caught early, when they are more treatable.”

    Vanessa Ghigliotty was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at the age of 27. She had no family history of the disease, thus making it nearly impossible to convince her doctors and health insurance company that something was wrong.

    Medical imaging was critical in guiding the treatment against Vanessa’s fierce cancer. She underwent several chemotherapy treatments and six surgeries, including open-heart surgery to remove a large clot caused by the portacath used to distribute chemotherapy through her body. While she experienced several complications, medical imaging always provided the certainty that ended the guesswork and got her treatment back on track.

    Through the help of her family, Vanessa can say today that she is a survivor. “Having so many complications during and after treatment has made me realize that cancer is not just about a fight to stay alive, it’s about learning how to live during and after your fight.”

    Today Vanessa is an active volunteer with the Colon Cancer Alliance, working to ensure that other cancer patients have access to diagnostic and treatment tools, especially medical imaging.

    Click here to learn why the use of computed tomography colonography (CTC), also known as virtual colonoscopy, is a preferred method of colon cancer screening among many patients. Its use as an alternative screening tool could increase prevention and save lives.

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