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  • 11.4.10

    AMIC Statement on CT Lung Cancer Study

    A study released on Thursday by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) demonstrates that low-dose CT scans are proven to be effective at saving lives, reducing lung cancer related deaths by as much as 20% in high-risk populations, the Access to Medical Imaging Coalition (AMIC) said today.    The study indicated that having high resolution imaging of the chest appeared to impact other causes of death such as cardiovascular disease as well and reduced overall mortality by 7%.

    “This is just the latest example of how advanced medical imaging can uniquely find curable diseases and how timely access to that imaging will allow physicians to treat patients early enough to save their lives,” said Tim Trysla, executive director of AMIC.

    “As we transition into a new Congress, we need to keep evidence-based findings that demonstrate the value of imaging at the forefront of the country’s continuing dialogue on health care reform and how to improve health outcomes.  Recent policy cuts have significantly reduced imaging utilization and its associated cost. Additionally, Congress has directed CMS to pilot appropriateness criteria, which is key to ensuring that imaging is being utilized appropriately.

    “Medical imaging, and its critical role in early detection, diagnosis and treatment monitoring, has changed the face of health care delivery. When patients have access to and receive the right scan at the right time, outcomes improve and costs are reduced.”

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