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  • 07.21.11

    AMIC Applauds Senators For Defending Patient Access to Medical Imaging

    AMIC Applauds Senators For Defending Patient Access to Medical Imaging 

    Washington, D.C. – The Access to Medical Imaging Coalition (AMIC) today applauded the efforts of a bipartisan group of senators, led by Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Herb Kohl (D-WI), who took a stand to protect patient access to medical imaging in a letter to President Obama.  In the letter, the Senators expressed concern over the impact of deep imaging reimbursement cuts and called on the President to reject further cuts in order to protect seniors’ access to care, preserve American jobs and encourage innovation.

    AMIC also commended Senator Robert Casey (D-PA) for spotlighting the negative impact of imaging cuts on jobs in a separate letter to Senate leadership.

    “We appreciate the support of Senators Kerry, Kohl, Vitter, Brown, Alexander, Cantwell and Wyden in defending patient access to critical screening and diagnostic services, as well as Senator Casey’s efforts to preserve imaging-related jobs,” said Tim Trysla, executive director of AMIC.  “Recent proposals to implement prior authorization programs and further reduce imaging reimbursements will only exacerbate access issues for Medicare beneficiaries who are already feeling the impact of substantial cuts over the past five years. We hope President Obama and Congress will listen to the call from these Senators to preserve access to these technologies that are critical to disease prevention and detection, and that have turned millions of patients into survivors.”

     Sheila Ross, special counsel to the Lung Cancer Alliance – a member organization of AMIC – and two-time lung cancer survivor, echoed Trysla’s remarks.  “This is a time of great progress in the fight against cancer, in large part due to critical advances in medical imaging technology.  Most recently, new long-term data has established low-dose CT as the first validated screening test that can significantly reduce mortality due to lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death.  The Lung Cancer Alliance encourages more policymakers to take a stand against additional cuts to medical imaging reimbursement, so that lung cancer patients are not denied access to scans that can save their lives.”

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