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  • 02.22.13

    AMIC Says Choosing Wisely Recommendations Highlight Importance of Physician-Developed Appropriateness Criteria

    The Access to Medical Imaging Coalition (AMIC) today responded to the list of medical procedures evaluated by Choosing Wisely, noting that the corresponding report emphasizes the importance of physician-developed appropriateness criteria.

    “The Choosing Wisely assessment speaks to the importance of administering tests when medically appropriate,” said Tim Trysla, Executive Director of AMIC. “In using physician-developed appropriateness criteria, physicians are empowered to make individualized treatment decisions based on patients’ specific needs, thereby empowering both the doctor and the patient to determine a suitable treatment plan.”

    Access to the right scan at the right time is critical to the early diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of countless diseases, limiting exposure to radiation, improving outcomes, and reducing costs. For over a decade, as medical imaging has all but eliminated the need for invasive surgery, appropriateness guidelines related to imaging have expanded significantly.

    It is essential to promote policies such as appropriateness criteria that have already been developed and proven effective to ensure proper utilization of medical imaging technology without undercutting patient access and quality of care.

    In fact, a number of recent studies have confirmed the benefits of empowering physicians to reduce inappropriate imaging through the use of appropriateness criteria. In September 2012, researchers highlighted simple and inexpensive ways in which incorporating SPECT appropriate use criteria in electronic medical records (EMRs) aided primary care physicians in ordering the right test for their patients.


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