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  • 04.16.09

    Medicare Denial Risks Deaths from Colorectal Cancer

    The Buffalo News | Raja S. Cheruvu, M. D.

    Colon cancer screening, an essential tool for preventing cancer deaths and saving lives, is under-utilized by Americans across the board. Most people do not recognize that colorectal cancer is the second leading…

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  • 04.7.09

    CMS Expands Coverage for PET Scanning in Cancer Patients

    Medscape Medical News | Roxanne Nelson

    The US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that they will expand coverage for positron emission tomography (PET) for Medicare beneficiaries…

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  • 03.30.09

    Advocates of Virtual Colonoscopy Want Medicare to Cover the Cost

    KVUE-TV (ABC), Austin, TX | Wendy Rigby

    Some Washington lawmakers are trying to convince Medicare to cover the cost of virtual colonoscopies as a screening tool for colon cancer. It’s a test many people in the medical field say could save lives…

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  • 03.26.09

    New MRI Techniques Could Mean Faster Scans: Study

    Reuters | Michael Kahn

    Two new techniques using different approaches to see molecular changes inside people’s bodies could lead to faster, more detailed imaging scans that better detect health problems, researchers said on Thursday…

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  • 03.16.09

    Brain Scans Spot Changes Linked to Alzheimer’s


    Certain patterns of brain shrinkage seen on MRI scans foreshadow the development of Alzheimer’s disease, investigators report…

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  • 03.11.09

    Public Health Meets Policy: Colon Cancer Screening

    ABC News | Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, American Cancer Society

    It’s fitting that during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month there is an intense discussion in the medical and regulatory communities and elsewhere about whether we should offer Medicare patients the option of a new screening test for colorectal cancer…

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  • 03.10.09

    Screening Can Detect Early Ovarian Cancer

    New York Times | Roni Caryn Rabin

    Only about one-quarter of invasive ovarian cancers are detected in the early stages, when the disease is most treatable. Now, preliminary results from a large, continuing trial…

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  • 03.4.09

    Colon Screening: 5 Things You Need to Know

    US News & World Report | Katherine Hobson

    Colon cancer is one of the most preventable cancers-as long as you step up to be screened on schedule. As you ponder being tested, here are five things to consider…

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  • 03.4.09

    Is My Chemo Working? Scans May Give Faster Answer

    Associated Press | Malcolm Ritter

    When Mike Stevens learned his lungs were riddled with cancer, it took only a week to start chemotherapy — but six weeks to find out if it was doing any good…

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