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  • 01.6.17

    AMIC Letter Supporting Nomination of Dr. Tom Price as Secretary of HHS

    Dear Chairman Hatch and Ranking Member Wyden

    On behalf of its more than 35,000 physicians, patient organizations, and medical imaging equipment manufacturing members, the Access to Medical Imaging Coalition (AMIC) is writing to support the nomination of Dr. Tom Price as the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

    As a physician, Congressman, medical school professor, and medical director, Rep. Price is highly qualified to serve as HHS Secretary. Rep. Price has firsthand experience of the challenges faced by clinicians and health care service providers. He has long been a proponent of reducing unnecessary burdens and transforming the nation’s health care system to ensure all Americans not only have access to, but can choose how they receive health care. As a Congressman, Rep. Price has introduced and supported legislation to allow for greater patient flexibility and choice while also protecting providers and ensuring they are able to deliver care efficiently. AMIC firmly believes in the importance of ensuring access to the appropriate services and we are confident Rep. Price will successfully lead the transformation to ensure efficient delivery of appropriate services. We look forward to working with Rep. Price, HHS, and CMS to strengthen our health care system.

  • 02.19.16

    AMIC Comment Letter on Site Neutrality

    Dear Chairman Upton and Chairman Pitts:

    On behalf of its physician, patient advocacy group, and medical imaging equipment manufacturing members, the Access to Medical Imaging Coalition (AMIC) appreciates this opportunity to provide input on the so-called “site neutrality” policies aimed at reducing Medicare payments for services performed in certain hospital outpatient settings, including critical diagnostic services. AMIC members firmly believe that all hospital outpatient facilities, i.e. both on-campus and off-campus sites, should be reimbursed based on the costs of providing care, as audited and verified via hospital cost reports. The payment policies for off-campus hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs) that were enacted under section 603 of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 represent a significant deviation from this longstanding principle, and efforts to broaden the scope of this hospital payment reduction could have severe consequences for the long-term viability of access to hospital outpatient diagnostic care.

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