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  • April 2009

    Breast Cancer Risk Assesment and MRI

    The Lancet Oncology | Norman Boyd et al.

    Mammographic density is known to be a significant risk-factor in the development of breast cancer among middle-aged women, but little is known about its development early in life…

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  • March 2009

    Cost-Benefit Analysis of CT Colonography in Screening for Colorectal Cancer

    American Journal of Roentgenology | Perry Pickhardt et al.

    A recent study published in Cancer showed that fewer than 25% of average-risk Medicare beneficiaries undergo complete screening for colorectal cancer. Although Medicare currently covers…

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  • March 2009

    Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer Types

    Breast Cancer Research | Lesley A Stead et al.

    Breast cancer is a clinically and genetically heterogeneous disease, varying substantially in incidence and mortality according to race/ethnicity. To better understand the clinical and pathological…

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  • March 2009

    Ultrasound Changes Care of Some Patients with Rheumatic Conditions

    Society of Skeletal Radiology 2009 Annual Meeting | Harish S et al.

    The study included 62 patients. Results showed that, “approximately 50% of patients had a change in management following ultrasound evaluation,” said Srinivasan Harish, lead author of the study…

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  • February 2009

    Benefits of ROE and DS System on Outpatient Imaging

    Radiology | Christopher L. Sistrom, MD, MPH

    In 2008, researchers from the University of Florida Health Center and Massachusetts General Hospital sought to determine the effect certain appropriateness criteria measures…

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  • February 2009

    Cost Impact of Early Colorectal Cancer Detection

    Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology | Kathleen Lang et al.

    A recent study published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology provided an in-depth analysis of long-term and phase-specific treatment costs related to colorectal cancer (CRC)…

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  • October 2008

    Cost-Effectiveness in CT Angiography Confirmation of Internal Carotid Artery Occlusions

    Amercan Society of Neuroimaging | Devin L. Brown et al.

    A Markov decision-analytic model was constructed to estimate the cost-effectiveness of CTA compared with catheter angiography in a hypothetical cohort of symptomatic patients with a screening examination…

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  • October 2008

    PET Scanning and Alzheimer’s Disease

    Archives of Neurology | Ville Leinonen et al.

    In this study, researchers in Finland performed PET scans of the brain on 10 patients with severe dementia to determine if the non-invasive imaging technique was as effective as biopsy…

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  • September 2008

    Accuracy of CT Colonography in Screening for Colorectal Cancer

    New England Journal of Medicine | C. Daniel Johnson et al.

    Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, yet studies estimate that only one-third of individuals at-risk for the disease actually undergo…

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  • March 2008

    The Beneficial Impact of PET Scanning on Cancer Management

    Journal of Clinical Oncology | Bruce E. Hillner et al.

    Positron emission tomography (PET) is widely used in clinical oncology as one of the most impactful and effective means of diagnostic imaging methodology. However, Medicare reimbursement…

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