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Erika Hanson Brown

Erika Hanson Brown, Colorado

When Erika Hanson Brown was going through colon cancer eight years ago, she often felt alone in navigating her treatment and staying connected with others, especially locally in Denver where she lives. » Read more


Bonita Jones, Phoenix, Arizona

As a radiology clinical nurse specialist and patient advocate, Bonita Jones, RN, MSN, has seen countless cancer patients helped by medical imaging – from receiving an accurate diagnosis to targeted radiation therapy and surveillance.

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Roger Howe, Minnesota

Roger Howe thought that when he beat prostate cancer with external beam radiation he would never have to think of the disease again. An MRI soon revealed his cancer had returned elsewhere, but thankfully he caught it early.

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Suzanne Lindley, Canton, Texas

Suzanne Lindley knows a thing or two about showing cancer who’s boss. After all, she’s been living with stage IV metastatic colorectal cancer for 12 years – and counting. She relies on medical imaging innovations to bring her to that next stepping stone

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Pam Schmid, North Carolina

“Women need to be their own best advocate and partner with their physician to be sure they get the right scan at the right time.”

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Brian Macleod, Bellingham, WA, Colorectal Cancer Survivor

“Because of new treatments and advanced imaging, “stage IV isn’t as scary as it used to be”

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Karen A. Starr-Brady, New Jersey

“Without annual screenings and the use of high-tech medical imaging services such as breast MRI, I wouldn’t be here today.”

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Robin Guadagnini, Arkansas

Breast Cancer Survivor

“I believe whole-heartedly in the value of medical imaging because without it, I would not be here today. There are millions of stories like mine across the country.”

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Gordon Cole, North Carolina

Colon Cancer Survivor

“Medical imaging continues to be a vital tool in my treatment.”

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Mary Ellen Kirkbride, Washington, DC

Lung Cancer Survivor

“A CT scan saved my life.”

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Candace Henley, Illinois

Colon Cancer Survivor

“All patients deserve convenient access to modern health care. The health needs of marginalized populations should not and need not be sacrificed.”

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Phillip Sitsis

Phillip Sitsis, Pennsylvania

Cardiac Patient & Imaging Advocate

Phillip Sitsis, father of three, has a congenital heart condition. A 64-slice CT scan of his heart helped his doctors choose the best course of treatment.

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Dr. Jean Olsen, Arkansas

Breast Cancer Survivor

Although a routine screening found nothing significant, Jean felt a change in her breasts and insisted on a more sensitive test, a breast MRI, which identified cancer in both breasts.

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Vanessa Ghigliotty, New York City

Vanessa Ghigliotty, New York

Colon Cancer Survivor

“Everyone should have access to medical imaging at the onset of symptoms so that diseases are caught early, when they are more treatable.”

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Rosemarie Blair

Rosemarie Blair, Delaware

Kidney Cancer Survivor & Virtual Colonoscopy Advocate

Rosemarie, 60, a mother of three children and legal assistant in Delaware, is lucky. She had a virtual colonoscopy that allowed her physician to make two life-changing discoveries.

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Vicki Barrilleaux, Texas

Colon Cancer Survivor

“As a cancer survivor, I realize how important medical imaging is not only for diagnosis but also for treatment.”

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Anita Mitchell, Washington

Colon Cancer Survivor

“Preventative care, especially medical imaging, is vital in continuing to make advancements in the fight against colon cancer. Patients do not need more barriers to early detection.”

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Kelly Stewart

Kelly Stewart, Texas

Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast MRI identified cancer that mammography was unable to detect – changing the course of Kelly’s treatment and her life.

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